Company Overview

Brawn Medical, located in the heart of Windsor, specialises in ophthalmology and primary care medical equipment, focusing on a range of new ophthalmic instruments as well as equipment maintenance and repair of medical and ophthalmic devices.

We partner with the industry leading original equipment manufacturers to bring the latest cutting edge technology to our clients including the NHS, Private Hospital Groups and retail customers.

Our Philosophy

Our company ethos is predicated on a simple goal: to fulfil the bespoke requirements of all our customers.

As a specialist firm we believe in nothing but excellence in everything we market, providing the most effective solutions and highest quality medical and ophthalmic products. We promise to continually improve our offerings through innovation and diligent research and an unyielding commitment to partner with the industry leaders.

We focus on exceptional all-round performance, a hallmark of the Brawn Medical philosophy, and strive to earn the trust of those we serve by committing to the highest standards of quality, excellence in personal and business relationships and behaviour characterised by honesty, fairness and integrity.